Maren SymondsI am the daughter of parents who lived well into their nineties. They followed the prevailing nutritional guidelines of their day, led physically active lives, and enjoyed a full social life. Yet both suffered from a series of maladies that made their final years challenging.

It’s daunting to see one possible future played out through the experience of my parents. And so I wondered:

What changes can I make today that will increase the likelihood that I’ll enjoy good health, strong mental acuity, a positive attitude, and warm social relationships as I age?

That inquiry led me to get my hands on as much evidence-based research on healthy living as I could.

I claim no “credentials” for putting this website together other than curiosity, studiousness, and a penchant for writing.

If you’re interested in my background, here’s the description you’d find on my LinkedIn profile:

“Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Maren Symonds is a seasoned management consultant and philanthropist. Her corporate experience includes sales, marketing, product development, and IT positions in start-up and multinational enterprises. Her consulting experience spans a premier management consulting firm, two customer contact consultancies, and private practice.

“A lifelong community volunteer and fundraiser, Maren devotes a healthy share of her time to causes that benefit the ‘least of these.’ She has served as a partner in two social venture initiatives and has provided management consulting, marketing, and web development services to several non-profits.”

You’d also find out that I have a BA from UC San Diego, an MBA from Stanford University, and an MDiv from Duke University.